You must admit that there is a God. This God is a person, with emotion, intelligence and will.

You must admit that you don’t know God. You are not born into this world already saved. Even if you have never done anything to offend the standards of this world or your own conscience, you are not holy. You may know something about God, but you are not in fellowship with God. You do not know God personally, intimately and in a satisfying way.

You must admit that the reason you don’t know God is because you have not approached God the right way. Being saved is not trying to find God. It is not trying to please God. It is not doing what your conscience or some religion says. All roads do not lead to God. All religions are not able to save you. In fact, no religion or church can save you. But God can.

You must admit that you cannot save yourself. You have no control over death. You have no knowledge of an afterlife, except for what the Bible tells us. So how do you think that you, a frail human being, can save yourself? In fact, God says our good works can never save us. You simply cannot make yourself good enough to please God.

You must admit that Jesus is God. Jesus existed in heaven before being born in this World. In fact, Jesus made this world (John 1:1). This is why the title “Lord” is given to him. He is called “the only Son of God” because he was God in the flesh.

Because this is so, you must admit that knowing Jesus is the only way to know God. Jesus is the full and final revelation of God. We will never know anything more in this life about God than what has been revealed in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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