You must believe that Jesus died for you – for your sins – to remove all that stood between you and God. He did not die just to prove God’s love, although his death does indeed show how deeply God loves you. He certainly did not die just to show us an example. The main point of Jesus’ death is that he died in your place, taking the punishment for your sins. Jesus’ death satisfied God’s judgment for the sins of mankind and allowed you to go free.

You must believe that Jesus’ death was all that was needed to pay for your sins. No human being could die for us, so God came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ and suffered what we deserve. What can we add to this? Nothing. Because nothing else pleased or satisfied God. Only the one who gives the law can decide when the law has been satisfied.

You must believe that the only sin that you can now go to Hell for is not believing in Jesus. Jesus has already paid the price for all other sins; they are no longer held against us. The old Mosaic law of the Old Testament served only to show us our need of a savior, but that law cannot save us. Nor should we be afraid of the law, or of death, or of God’s judgment, if we believe that Jesus has really paid our dues for us. God now judges humanity, not by whether we keep the law or not, but by only one standard: Jesus Christ alone.

You must believe that that the only righteousness you can ever have is believing on Jesus. This is the only thing that we can do to make ourselves right with God. And when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, our faith is all the righteousness God asks of us. In fact, God puts Christ’s own Spirit inside us. When God sees the Holy Spirit in us, then that pleases God. We then share actual holiness of God in a way no unbeliever can.

You must believe that the only judgment you should have faced has already been suffered by Jesus. Justice, judgment, trial, condemnation and sentencing are all used to mean similar things in the Bible. Jesus was judged on the cross for our sins, so those of us who believe that will never have to face judgment ever again – not even after we die. In fact, those who do not believe will be judged only for what they believe (or rather, do not believe) about Jesus. The Bible promises that those who are saved by faith will never be condemned, never be judged, never be put on trial with the rest of the world.

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