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Dylan Crozier, Pastor

Hello Everyone –

It is my hope and prayer that my story will touch your life and help you to understand yourself and others a little better. I have learned to love myself and others unconditionally and leave the judging to God. Learning to live from the inside out has been the key to my survival. I have discovered that life is to live, not just survive and that it is OK to be the special and unique person that I am. It has taken me a lot of years to come to a place of self-acceptance, to accept that it is O.K. to be different….. Here is my story –

I was born in beautiful Prince Edward Island, one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. Prince Edward Island is Canada’s Cradle of Confederation in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is completely surrounded by the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Northumberland Strait on the East Coast. It is a place of rare beauty, rolling hills and the richest and reddest soil you will ever see. Dotting its spectacular coastline is a collection of small fishing harbors and picturesque villages. If you stop for a moment, you’ll catch a glimpse of the fishermen unloading their world renowned Atlantic Lobster and Mussels.

An Island of dreams and romances. A place where children can run and be free, secure and protected. Summers there are picture perfect with beautiful white sandy beaches that stretch on for miles, some of the best in North America. It is a wonderful setting for lovers and those who like to gaze at breath-taking beautiful sunsets on a warm summer night. One of my favourite memories of my childhood is sleeping on the sand dunes all night with friends and seeing the billions of stars on a clear night. There was no feeling like it.

No matter where you are on the Island you are not far from the seaside and there are a wide variety of tourist attractions throughout. The Island has a reputation for being home to many of Canada’s finest golf courses. It is known as the Tuna Capital of the world and offers warm hospitality at its best. It is also the birth place of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of the world famous “Anne of Green Gables” saga. (I was to find out later in life that Lucy Maud was a cousin of my Grandmother Cousins.)

It was there on this Island of dreams that my journey began.

Younger Dylan Dylan Today

My parents operated a potato and dairy farm just outside of Summerside. When my eldest brother was thirteen he went to a Revival Meeting with our cousin and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. My Mother went with me the following Sunday to see what they were teaching her son and that day she gave her life to Jesus.  She also dedicated her two little boys (me 4 and my bother 3) to the Lord.   A few months later my father soon followed. My Mother was 35 at the time and our home was never the same. It seemed like every time the doors of the Church were open we were there.  My Mom was constantly studying her Bible. My parents were always ready to be a bold witness for Jesus Christ.

While I heard the Gospel every Sunday, and saw it lived out by my parents, I decided early that I would become a Christian AFTER I had enjoyed life a little. My impression of Christians was their whole life consisted of Church and Bible studies. All the things I thought of as fun like movies, dancing, theatre, bowling, etc. were considered sin by our Church and were taboo.

I did enjoy Church and for several years was president of our youth group and loved going to Bible Camp every summer. When I was 15 I ran away from home and went to Toronto where my brother was working while going to University. He got me a job there which I held for three summers during high school. I came back for the winters and finished High School.

After I graduated High School and just before I was to go back to Toronto, I was doing some painting for my Aunt Jean. While we were eating dinner she looked at me and said “David, when are you going to accept Jesus into your heart?” She totally caught me off guard! Tears filled my eyes and she gently led me into the living room and led me to the Lord. She wouldn’t let me up until I memorized Proverbs 3:5-7.  She encouraged me to say these verses to myself every time I went through personal challenges in my life.  She at that time had no way of knowing how many there would be. I remember afterwards walking down the hill to my Aunt Lillian’s, where I was living. I felt so free and clean; I felt I was floating.  I had no idea why I had waited so long to do this. My life has never been the same since.

My family talked me out of returning to Toronto and soon I was working for Scotia Bank and accepted into their 18 month Management Training Program, at which I excelled, and within two years was Assistant Manager over a staff of 70. One day I received the call of God on my life.

When I was 21 I was accepted into the three year program of New Brunswick Bible Institute. I married early and my two daughters were born while I was at the Bible Institute. God miraculously supplied all our needs during these three years where I learned about trusting the Lord to meet my needs in faith. During my second year two students and I planted a Church in Nova Scotia.

After graduation God brought us back to P.E.I. where I worked with the Summerside Bible Chapel and a few years later founded the Hampton Community Chapel which is now known as Island Wesleyan Church. During this time we started the first Christian School in Prince Edward Island called Island Christian Academy.  One year later we started a Bible College called Island School of the Bible with 12 adult students.

Sadly during this time my marriage ended and I moved to Victoria, British Columbia where I was active in my Church. For five years I operated Christian based drop-in Counselling Centres in Metro Vancouver (Surrey and Langley) called “Our Place”. We averaged about 100 drop-ins a day. In 1990 I was voted Surrey Citizen of the Year for my work with street people.  The police said the crime rate dropped drastically during this five-year period. God had used me in a powerful way.  It was there that the Lord gave me a “Father Anointing.”  Almost all the drop ins called me Dad.  This continues to this day in our local Assembly and with our World Wide Missions.

A little later I was introduced to a Bible Study Group called Liberty Community Church. A few months later a building was secured and a church began.  I was asked to be one of three pastors. Eventually the name was changed to Rainbow Community Church and eventually Lighthouse of Hope Christian Fellowship. I have been involved in leadership in one way or another for the past 30 years. God has used Lighthouse of Hope as a lighthouse for many broken and ship wrecked people who had lost all hope of being a Christian. It has been my joy to see many lives changed over the years through the grace of God.

Through a prophetic word many years ago God called LHOH to be a worldwide Church.  Ten years ago we started broadcasting our services around the world and now reach over 50 countries of the world.  We now have Lighthouse of Hope Churches, schools and orphanages in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Uganda and Kenya.  God has truly kept His word and blessed us abundantly.  LHOH has sent several mission teams to Kenya.

God has blessed me for the past 20 years with a wonderful spouse who is as committed to Christ as I am. Together we have served the Lord and plan on doing so until the Lord returns for His Church. God does not make junk and we are all deeply loved and precious in His sight.

(May 2020)

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