It means to be delivered from the penalty and punishment that sinners deserve and from the guilt, fear and powerlessness caused by sin.

To be saved also means to be forgiven of your sins, to become adopted into God’s family as God’s own child, to become righteous in the eyes of God, and to have a new life begun inside you.

You cannot be anything other than what God made you. It does not mean that you cannot enjoy the pleasures of life. It is not trying to live by a new set of laws. It is not a subtraction of anything from your true self. It is the addition of God’s spirit and God’s life – eternal life – in you.

Wonderful things begin to happen in your life when you are saved. You begin to share in all of the special blessings God has promised specifically to those who are saved. These blessings include possibilities of healing (of body, mind, emotions and relationships), purposefulness in living (knowing God’s plan for your life), access to God’s power (the ability to obtain what you need), growth (to fulfill your highest potential), and giftedness (to be able to reach out and help others). With God in your life, all kinds of possibilities become yours!

And you can also live life in a state of peace and joy, knowing that in God you are eternally secure.

Being saved is really very simple. It is as easy as trusting (or believing) in the Lord Jesus Christ. As the Bible says in Acts 16:31, “believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.”

But it is not just any kind of belief which leads to salvation. There are three keys – we call them the “ABC’s” – which will open the door of God’s gift of salvation to you.

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