Rejoice in the Lord for this is the work of His hands! Lighthouse of Hope Christian Fellowship (LHOH) has expanded in its various forms of Outreach. The message of Christ has been preached in various ways reaching a wide variety of people than ever before in our church history.

Metro Vancouver Dream Centre Society (MVDCS) - A charitable society registered with the Canadian Government Revenue Department (Charities Directorate)

  • Locally, during the free hot meal service to the public provided by the Metro Vancouver Dream Centre, LHOH offers literature, spiritual guidance, comfort and prayer for those seeking it. The main message underling this endeavour is sharing the love of Christ.


Queer Women of Faith

Queer Women of Faith is ministry launched in 2013 by Marcy Moore. This group was developed to offer a safe ‘non-church‘ environment for Lesbian and Transgender women and their friends to share, grow, heal and come to know the love of Christ. The group is open to all, regardless of their religious background. Ultimately, the underlying goal is to break down barriers so that people will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally.

The Transgender Ministry

The Transgender Ministry is designed to reach a target group encompassing a broad spectrum of people. Through this ministry by peer support, counsel, and conferences many people are encouraged and have an opportunity to know the full all-encompassing love of Christ.

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