Lighthouse of Hope Christian Fellowship was created to be a place for everyone to celebrate God’s love and make new friends in a safe and loving setting – a place to share, grow, visit and belong – regardless of race, religious background, socioeconomic status, colour, gender, age or sexual orientation

We first met as a Bible Study/Support Group at Christ Church Cathedral in October 1986. In April 1991 we began holding Sunday night services, renting the beautiful facilities of St. John’s United Church in Vancouver’s West End under the name of Liberty Community Church. We re-organized under the name of Rainbow Community Church in February 1999. Later that year we registered under the British Columbia Societies Act. In March 2011 we changed our name to Lighthouse of Hope Christian Fellowship with the motto "A Church for All".

From our very beginning Lighthouse of Hope Christian Fellowship has been a mission-minded Church. For 24 years we supported up to 40 World Vision Children all around the world. In 2010 we began sending our brothers and sisters around the world to preach the good news of Jesus Christ, as led by the Holy Spirit. We now have ministries in Pakistan, Nepal, Uganda and Kenya through our World Wide Mission – Compassionate Aid Network International (

Worship music has always played an important part in our church. Many people have started attending Lighthouse of Hope simply because they heard the music as they walked past the church.

Our vision is world-wide: We currently have Lighthouse of Hope Churches, schools and orphanages in Kenya, Nepal, Uganda and Pakistan. Through the prophetic word we were told that Lighthouse of Hope would be a worldwide church. As well, in 2009 we began broadcasting our services live. Currently we reach over 50 countries of the world weekly with our online services.

We all have different things that come to mind when we hear the words "church", "Christianity" and "religion". At Lighthouse of Hope Christian Fellowship, we believe that Jesus Christ came not to bring us another religion, but to bring us back into relationship with God. We also believe that "church" is not a building, but a gathering of brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus, where His love, forgiveness, patience and mercy reigns. If you want to experience true life, then we encourage you to come to Lighthouse of Hope to pursue your spiritual journey.

Our commitment is to communicate God’s love and truth in a clear and contemporary way. Whatever your church background or the challenges you are facing in life, there is a place for you at Lighthouse of Hope.

At Lighthouse of Hope you will find an environment in which you can connect with other people who are learning how to live life to the fullest while growing in spiritual understanding.

Our promise to you is to love and support you in your spiritual journey and leave the judging up to God.

Our modern format provides an engaging and relevant way to learn about God. Our Sunday services include live bands, vibrant music, and a Biblical message that helps people experience God’s hope and inspiration for their everyday life, Inspiration, community, relevancy, hope. It is no surprise so many people are finding Lighthouse of Hope a place where they can explore and grow in their faith.

Whether you are a spiritual seeker who is just starting to ask questions about God, or a committed Christian who wants to sink the roots of your faith even deeper, you can find a home here at Lighthouse of Hope Christian Fellowship.

In July 2023 we ended our in-person services to begin a totally online format. Our weekly message is presented online from Noon (Vancouver time). 

Come check us out. You will not be disappointed!

Lighthouse of Hope Christian Fellowship

28-848 Hockley Ave
Langford, BC
V9B 2V6